Kaalidas Movie Synopsis: A cop, who suffers from family issues, takes up a peculiar suicide case. The plot thickens as similar cases get reported within a span of a few days

Kaalidas Movie Review: The film opens with an aerial shot of a multi-storey apartment. A girl falls from the terrace and dies on spot. A small police team, headed by the dedicated Kaalidas (Bharath), examines the body and assumes it to be a suicide case. The case takes an interesting turn when a couple of more such incidents happen and Kaalidas starts working on it seriously – one more reason for his wife Vidya (Ann Seethal) to worry as she feels, of late, the former isn’t spending enough time with her.

Kaalidas’s senior officer (played by Suresh Menon), too, joins him when the case becomes complicated though they manage to find a common link between the deaths. Meanwhile, Vidya befriends their new tenant, after which dhe finds solace in his company. Will Kaalidas be able to nab the killer and save his sinking marital life?

The movie has the required elements of a suspense thriller and the performance of lead artistes, too, elevate the decent script. But the average production quality and lack of edge of the seat moments, spoiled the film’s chances to go to the next level. The pre-climax portion and a twist towards the end make it up for the same though. What really matters in a murder mystery is the killer’s motive behind the assassination and the way it is carried out, and here, those should have been more convincing.

The music by Vishal Chandrasekhar helps the film maintain the mood in many scenes; though it becomes loud in a couple of scenes. The duration (a little more than 2 hours) and lack of unnecessary deviation from the main plot are major positives of the film.

Bharath fits well in the role of a dedicated and stressed cop. Ann Seethal makes a notable debut as a dejected homemaker and Suresh Menon makes his presence felt in many scenes as the senior cop. Kaalidas is a reasonably engaging whodunit which could have been way better.

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