House Owner

House Owner Movie Synopsis: An elderly couple, a house wife and a retired army man, go through some unanticipated moments during a rainy season in Chennai

House Owner Movie Review: House Owner doesn’t have the template low and high graphs we often see in commercial movies. The story revolves around a rainy day in the lives of Vasu (Kishore) and Radha (Sri Ranjini), an elderly couple, who has made Chennai their home since quite some time. Vasu, who has retired from the Army, has been suffering from Alzheimer’s and Radha has a tough time dealing with her husband’s adamant and child-like behaviour. For most of the time, the scenes revolve around their activities at home, apart from the flashback episodes, which keep appearing often, featuring the couple in their younger romantic days.

The flow of the sequences here is generic and unpredictable, making it difficult for one to judge the genre of the film. A lion’s share of the scenes have Kishore and Sri Ranjini apart from ‘Pasanga’ Kishore and Lovelyn Chandrasekhar, who respectively play the former’s younger days. One of the positive aspects of the movie is the effortless performance by the artistes and the way their relationship touches us through candid moments.

There are a few characters, whose presence is made felt even without them appearing on screen. At a point, when you feel that the film is all about some of the interesting anecdotes from two phases of their lives with no detailing on other characters, there occurs an unexpected element, after which you are in for an edge-of-the-seat ride. Interestingly, you realise that the surprising element has been built up gradually, but not evidently which helps in making the audience glued to the happenings towards the end of the story. Krishna Sekhar’s cinematography and Ghibran’s music elevate the mood and required tension in many scenes.

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