Bailwaan Movie Synopsis: Krishna is an orphan who is brought up by wrestling gymkhana owner Sarkar as his own son. Krishna, known fondly as Kichcha, grows up to be a fierce wrestler. But when he decides to follow his heart and pursue love, there is a conflict that arises with his original passion – wrestling. Will he be able to resolve everything?

Bailwaan Movie Review: The film might have wrestling and boxing as the backdrop, but it is essentially a story of a father and a son. The film begins with allusions to Lord Krishna, which is the protagonist’s name as well, and one gets to see more of these in the course of the film.

In a nutshell, the story is about a son wanting to keep the word that he has given to his father and then fighting for all things right and getting retribution thereafter. The fight sequences are well-choreographed and appeal to fans. There is also a love story, which doesn’t seem like an unnecessary track that is forced in like in most big-star vehicles.

Pailwaan brings in all the needed masala elements, with comedy, romance, fights and emotions added in generous amounts. It is Sudeep’s show all the way and he manages to entertain, both with his charm and his new lean, muscular avatar. Suniel Shetty also stands out in his role as Sudeep’s father figure. Sushant Singh and Kabir Duhan Singh have limited, but important roles as the antagonists. Aakanksha Singh is breezy and suits her part. One of the other highlight of the film is Arjun Janya’s soundtrack.

Pailwaan is nearly three hours long and that maybe its Achilles heel, especially in the first half. If Lord Krishna was a wrestler himself and was part of epic situations, then this Pailwaan Krishna too has some interesting battles to fight and makes the outing to the cinema hall quite interesting.

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