Veer Das’s National Award winner sister Trisha Das said – I was sexually abused many times

For a while now, there have been steady experiences of Sexual Harassment in Bollywood. Recently, Sherlyn Chopra made sensational allegations of sexual misconduct on Raj Kundra. Now the sister of actor Vir Das and National Award profitable documentary filmmaker Trisha Das has spoken on this.

Recently, in a dialog with information company IANS, Trisha said that she too has been a sufferer of sexual abuse many times. She said, “Earlier, when I worked as a documentary filmmaker, I was sexually abused many times. This was quite common in the workplace and women used to look for other women to comfort and protect each other.

Trisha said – there was no social media then

Trisha further added, ‘There was no social media back then where one could share their story, so there was no accountability either. It was also common to remain silent after suffering such harassment. The men had no fear of the consequences.

#MeToo brought change
According to Trisha, “The constant conversation about sexual harassment on social media and workplace and the #MeToo movement has brought about a lot of change. It is empowering women. However, I hope this movement is not politicised.

those people are not famous
Why didn’t you make your point through #MeToo? Responding to this question, Trisha says, ‘Those people are not so famous. I am not in touch with any of them. I don’t even know where they are now? At that time there was no social media or even WhatsApp, which I could keep in touch with.

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