There was a ruckus over Alia Bhatt’s ‘Kanyadaan’, furious users said that it was an insult to Hinduism

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt is presently in dialogue about considered one of her ads. Actually, she is seen in a model of garments and is questioning Alia Bhatt Kanyadaan Video. People are liking this commercial of Alia Bhatt. At the identical time, all of the social media users haven’t preferred this factor of theirs. Users have focused the actress, calling it an insult to Hinduism.

The video of Alia Bhatt’s commercial goes viral on social media. In this video, she is seen as a bride couple within the mandap. Alia Bhatt tells how a lot each member of the household loves her. She questioned the wedding ceremony and said that she is named Paraya Dhan. Girls are a factor to donate. Why solely daughter donation? New Idea Kanyaman.

People are liking this video of Alia Bhatt however some individuals haven’t preferred her thought. People are giving their response on social media by telling lies about Alia Bhatt. Users say that Alia Bhatt has insulted Hinduism. Along with this, users have additionally said that all of the manufacturers repeatedly goal solely Hindu customs and traditions. He has requested Alia Bhatt and the model to boycott it.

Social media users say that not sufficient consciousness is unfold towards malpractices like Halala and Triple Talaq however a lot is spoken towards Hindu traditions. At the identical time, users additionally say that this similar Bollywood makes movies describing daughters as alien wealth after which connecting it with Hindu faith comes within the function of a social reformer. In this fashion, many users have focused Alia Bhatt.

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