The user asked Lara Dutta a question on the vaccine, everyone is surprised to see the actress’s response

Bollywood actress Lara Dutta is dominated on social media for a particular purpose. Actually, a user asked Lara Dutta on Twitter, Lara, have you ever received the vaccine? To this, Lara replies in a very humorous manner, ‘Yes… simply because I didn’t publish a picture of me taking the vaccine, it doesn’t imply that I didn’t take the vaccine in any respect.’ This spot response of Lara is being praised a lot, whereas persons are tweeting mocking the user who asked Lara the question.

Fans are reacting a lot to Lara Dutta’s reply. One fan tweeted and wrote, ‘If not the picture of the vaccine, then simply publish the certificates.’ Another fan wrote, ‘Ma’am, it is enjoyable to hear your reply.’ A 3rd user wrote, ‘You are a public determine, cannot publish your certificates proper in the picture.’

On June 7, Lara celebrated husband Mahesh Bhupathi’s birthday. Lara shared many images of the birthday on her Instagram account. Wishing her husband a particular birthday, Lara wrote in the caption, ‘Happy Birthday @mbhupathi You are surrounded by the belongings you love the most. Cake and your ladies.’

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