The ‘painful’ story of the actress who had to do the most rape scenes in films!

There was such a heroine in Hindi cinema who had made such an identification by taking part in supporting characters in movies that even different heroines began residing in awe of her. Not solely this, this actress additionally had to shoot the most quantity of rape scenes in movies. In the 60s and 70s, this actress made a splash in Hindi movies. This was actress Najima. Even although Nazima was the selection of each producer-director at the moment, she was by no means signed in the lead function. Every filmmaker used to signal her as both the hero’s sister or (Nazima performed sister roles) then the heroine’s good friend. This pressure remained in the coronary heart of Nazima all through her life.

bollywood sister najima

Nazima began her profession with the movie ‘Braj Bahu’ in the yr 1954. She was a baby artist then. Growing up, she dreamed of turning into a heroine and this dream was fulfilled in the 1958 movie ‘Princess Saba’. But little was recognized that the producers and filmmakers see her not as a heroine however as ‘an idealistic sister of the hero’. Don’t know why each filmmaker of that period began signing Nazima in the function of hero’s sister or good friend. As a outcome, Najima got here to be known as the ‘Resident Sister’ of Bollywood. Nazima labored with each huge star of that period.

Most Rape Scenes Shot

Due to this function of sister, Najima additionally had to bear the brunt of onscreen. In truth, in that interval of the 60s and 70s, a rape scene was positively included in nearly each movie. This was the interval when exploitation and social oppression of girls had been additionally proven in movies. For this cause, there have been rape scenes in the movies of that period. In no matter movie Najima was supplied, she would have been given the function of sister after which had to shoot rape scenes. What does an individual not have to do in compulsion? The identical was the case with Najima.

There was a twinge in my thoughts, the ache was like this

Najima did not prefer it. But there was a want to turn into the lead heroine in my thoughts. It was a dream that at some point she would positively turn into the lead heroine in a movie. And due to this want, the movie that Nazima additionally used to get. All the sisters’ roles had been met. With the passage of time, this pressure additionally went deep in Nazima’s coronary heart that why no filmmaker is giving her the function of lead heroine? Why would not anybody need to make her the heroine of their movie? This ache of Najima was spilled in an interview given to ‘Cineplot’ which he gave years in the past.

‘It will probably be a pity that I couldn’t turn into a prime actress’

Nazima had stated in that interview, ‘I do what my administrators ask me to do. Till now no director felt that I can turn into a lead heroine. Now all I can do is that I’ve to work repeatedly in order that I can stay in movies, in any other case I’ll turn into unemployed. When you might have some form of job, there’s additionally a hope that at some point you’ll get an opportunity. Right now success appears to be simply an phantasm. But at some point I’ll positively achieve success.

In her present ‘Tabassum Talkies’ additionally, as soon as actress Tabassum had advised that Nazima had expressed her grief to her and stated, ‘I’ll remorse for all times that I couldn’t turn into the prime most actress.’

Movies left in 1975, made a distance


But this wait of Nazima remained a wait. Nazima stated goodbye to movies in the yr 1975 and distanced herself from the public as effectively.

Tabassum advised the place is Nazima now?

There is presently no details about whether or not Nazima is in this world now. But in the yr 2019, Tabassum had knowledgeable about Nazima in her present that now she is over 70 and he or she spends most of her time in prayer. Tabassum had advised that Najima had married Navy Captain Arshul Rehman. He has two sons and each are married. Najima’s husband handed away in the yr 2018. But now Najima resides along with her siblings and grandchildren. (Photo: YouTube-Tabassum Talkies)

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