Sonam Kapoor said on the difference in money in the industry – I will be against it but will not get the roles

Sonam Kapoor is one among the few stars who began capturing for the movie amid the COVID-19 pandemic and ended it. The identify of his upcoming movie is ‘Blind’. The actress shot it in January 2021 in Scotland.

Recently Sonam spoke on the movie. Not solely this, she additionally expressed her views on the money hole in the industry and said that she will be able to stand against it, even when it does not provide her particular roles.

It will take time for the industry to equalize

Sonam spoke about the significance of craft to her and the way the portrayal of ladies in movies has improved, but it will take time if the industry is at par. “The money gap in the industry is ‘ridiculous’ and I can speak on it,” she said. However, in such a case, I will not get such roles and I haven’t any downside with that. I can afford it.’

nobody has the proper to evaluate

Sonam additional said, ‘I have realized in the final two or three years that I haven’t any proper to evaluate anybody. I am privileged, so making a troublesome alternative is not actually troublesome.

Blind police officer’s position in the upcoming movie
Talking about his upcoming movie ‘Blind’, Sonam said that in the pandemic, he used to shoot from morning until late at evening. In the movie, Sonam will be seen in the position of a blind police officer who investigates the case of a serial killer.

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