Seeing Sonu Sood beating, the child broke the TV of the house, the actor said this after watching the video clip

Sonu Sood has given his response by sharing the video of a TV report. It has been instructed in this report that in Sangareddy, Telangana, a child broke the tv set of his home simply because he noticed the favourite actor Sonu Sood being crushed up. Sonu Sood has made a humorous remark whereas sharing the clip of this report.

Sonu Sood has given this humorous response on a video clip of TV report. It is being proven in this clip that 7-year-old boy from Sangareddy, Virat broke the TV of his home for Sonu Sood. In this movie, he noticed Sonu Sood getting crushed up by a hero. The child received offended that the one who saved hundreds of thousands of lives was being crushed up in this movie. In this anger, he broke the TV itself.

Now Sonu Sood has given his response on this video and wrote, ‘Hey do not break your TV. Now his father goes to ask me to purchase a brand new TV.

Sonu Sood has helped individuals from the starting until now in the Corona interval. He is continually serving to individuals in each approach. Be it the association of beds for somebody or work from air ambulance to lung transplant, Sonu Sood has been seen standing for the individuals for each assist.

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