Ranveer Singh said- children will be there in 2 to 3 years, daughter like Deepika Padukone

Ranveer Singh has revealed that he’s shortlisting names for his future youngster. He is making his TV debut with ‘The Big Picture’ and in the brand new promo of the present, he’s seen speaking about marriage and future youngsters.

In the promo, Ranveer stated, “As you know, I am married and will have children in 2-3 years (laughs). Brother, your sister-in-law was such a cute baby, wasn’t it? I look at her baby photos every day, I say give one such thing, let me just set my life.

Ranveer dances on ‘Tat Tat Tad’
Ranveer further said, ‘I am making a shortlist of names. If you do not mind, then I will take it from you, Shaurya. Ranveer dances with the contestants to his famous song ‘Tatad, Tatad’ at the beginning of the video. Then the actor introduced the contestant by saying, ‘Please pay attention. His swag is fierce and his style is the talk of the town. Please welcome Abhay Singh from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Contestant’s mother will find a daughter-in-law like Deepika
Then the mother of the contestant comes in the frame and praises her son. She says that she hopes that her son’s fortunes will change and she will find a daughter-in-law like Deepika. After this Ranveer tells Abhay that he (Ranveer) is jealous of him because of his mustache.

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