Prakash Kaur, the first wife of those who spoke against Dharmendra about Hema Malini, took a class

Today (September 1) is the 74th birthday of Dharmendra’s first wife Prakash Kaur. On this birthday of Prakash Kaur, Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol have wished their mom and each have additionally shared their footage together with her. Till this age, Prakash has been strolling alone for the final a few years, the place she could not have gotten the assist of her husband however has obtained a lot of love from her youngsters.

Prakash Kaur had a damaged coronary heart
Dharmendra and Prakash Kaur had been married in the 12 months 1954. She was solely 19 years previous when Dharmendra was married to Prakash Kaur. The marriage was an organized marriage, the place Dharmendra was busy dealing with his movie profession and Prakash adopted the youngsters and household. Prakash Kaur was shocked when one other girl entered Dharmendra’s life and that was Hema Malini. Dharmendra has 4 youngsters from Prakash Ajay Singh (Sunny Deol), Vijay Singh (Bobby Deol), Vijeta Deol and Ajeta Deol.

Told Dharmendra his first and final love
1980 was the 12 months when Dharmendra married Hema Malini and his distance from Prakash Kaur additionally elevated a lot. It is alleged that Dharmendra wished each his wives to be collectively, however this was not doable. Prakash Kaur likes to remain distant from the limelight and trade. However, when his coronary heart broke, he additionally talked to some media teams. However, after studying what Prakash Kaur mentioned in those issues, you may be satisfied that she is a very lovely girl at coronary heart. In 1981, Prakash Kaur spoke to Stardust. Prakash Kaur at all times describes Dharmendra as her first and final love.


Said – my english will not be good
Prakash had mentioned, ‘I don’t speak to the press, my English will not be good and I’ve nothing to talk.’ She additionally mentioned that she is like a regular housewife and doesn’t know a lot about the movie world. She had mentioned, ‘I’m a housewife, I like my home and kids. I do not care what anybody says about me. Everyone has their very own life-style and why ought to I increase my finger?

‘Trust in him will not be over’
Prakash was going by way of a troublesome part at the moment and had mentioned that he wanted her husband as he was the father of their youngsters. He had mentioned, ‘Dharmendra is his first and final love. He is the father of my youngsters and I respect and love him. What was meant to occur occurred. I do not know whether or not I ought to blame them or my destiny for this. But I do know that irrespective of how far he’s, he will probably be there after I want him. I’ve not misplaced my belief in him.

Dharmendra might not be the finest husband, he’s positively the finest father

Prakash had additionally mentioned that Dharmendra at all times tried to be the finest father. He had mentioned, ‘Dharmendra might not be the finest husband, though he is superb with me however he’s positively the finest father. He has cherished his youngsters very a lot, he has by no means uncared for the youngsters.’

‘How dare you name Dharmendra a womanizer’
Not solely this, he had additionally mentioned some issues about Dharmendra’s marriage to Hema Malini. Prakash Kaur had mentioned, ‘Why solely my husband, any man would have chosen Hema as an alternative of me. How dare anybody name Dharmendra a womanizer, the place half the trade is doing the similar. All the heroes have an affair they usually get married for the second time.

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