NCB accuses Aryan Khan of ‘international drug smuggling’, lawyer said – this is absurd

The listening to on the bail plea of ​​Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan, who was trapped within the cruise medicine case, was held within the classes court docket on Wednesday. During this, there was so much of cross-examination between the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) and the lawyer showing for Aryan. Now the matter shall be heard after a day i.e. on Thursday.

Special Public Prosecutors AM Chimalkar and Advait Sethna argued for the NCB. At the identical time, senior advocate Amit Desai and Satish Manshinde have been current within the court docket on behalf of Aryan. During this, Aryan was accused of ‘worldwide drug smuggling’ on behalf of Additional Solicitor General (ASG) Anil Singh.

Singh said within the court docket, “The whole country is concerned about drug smuggling and consumption. This is a serious crime in the society. Parties are organized, drugs are consumed and college students are also involved in this. This is not only affecting the economic matters but otherwise also, we are concerned about the gangs involved in drug trafficking.

Singh further said, ‘It is difficult to believe who invited Aryan Khan. Where is that invite? Their reasoning is that someone was carrying drugs with them. I will also read panchanamas and WhatsApp chats to show that this is not the case where someone says, ‘I had just arrived at an invite and at the most I could only consume drugs.’

The ASG denied the conspiracy behind Aryan’s arrest. He said, ‘It is not that the day we arrested Aryan, we knew that it was a conspiracy. We put him in third remand. There are 20 accused and some of them are drug peddlers. There is evidence of Khan and Merchant talking to him. There are chats that mention money or bulk amounts, then a conversation with a foreign national about hard drugs. According to the Panchnama, drugs were not found from Khan’s possession. Got it from Arbaaz.

Singh said, ‘Our argument is that the drugs were found in the possession of the merchant who met Aryan Khan at his house. In his own statement, he has acknowledged the matter of relationship with Aryan. The merchant left Aryan’s house in the same car and was at the terminal where he was apprehended. With Arbaaz, these drugs were for his consumption and both of them knew about it. Aryan also knew that the merchant had drugs.

Anil Singh said in the court, ‘According to my knowledge, drugs have been found in the possession of other accused. WhatsApp chats are necessary because there is talk of buying drugs in large quantities. There is talk of drugs with foreign nationals which is also in huge quantity. I don’t know about these drugs but my officials said they are hard drugs. I would argue that we have arrested 20 people so far and 4 of them are drug smugglers. Commercial quantity was also found with one of them. Achit and Shivraj were drug smugglers.

Singh said, “I’m referring to drug seizures and chats as a result of in case of conspiracy it is not vital that each one the accused have a business amount or a reasonable amount. Small, business or any amount, if Section 29 of NDPS Act is relevant, then there is conspiracy. When part 29 comes into power, the individual charged with the offense shall be punished for a similar offense because the conspirators.’

ASG Anil Singh, whereas exhibiting the chat within the court docket, said, ‘A big quantity of medicine might be mentioned in these chats not for private use. This is one thing else. We have spoken to the Ministry of External Affairs to hint the international nationwide.

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