‘My son is having an anxiety attack and is unable to sleep’, Arbaaz Merchant’s father tells his pain

Aryan Khan and Arbaaz Merchant have been stored in separate barracks in Arthur Road Jail. Arbaaz Merchant’s father Aslam Merchant is a lawyer by occupation. He has spoken to our companion ETimes. Aslam Merchant talks in regards to the household state of affairs. He stated that his son could have had a nervous breakdown. After Arbaaz Merchant was despatched to jail, Aslam Merchant just lately met his son after a very long time.

Speaking about his first assembly with his son Arbaaz Merchant, Aslam Merchant stated, “I have been meeting my son in all hearings but my wife hasn’t seen him for almost 20 days. It is a very emotional time and she is crying continuously. But see the irony that I have to stop him and tell him not to waste the precious time we got with Arbaaz. We came there to talk. As he saw us, Arbaaz said, ‘Look where I have reached?’ He told me that he was in the Janarak barracks and was kept with six to seven prisoners. I don’t know how he is a prisoner and later told that he is having anxiety attack and he is not able to sleep at all.

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Aslam Merchant also revealed, ‘My son is all alone, maybe that’s why he is getting these anxiety attacks. They have separated the two friends. Aryan is kept in a separate barrack. At the same time, kept in a separate barracks. They are getting food like prisoners. Whenever he meets me in court. First of all he asks about the case itself.

Aslam Merchant said, ‘I told him that we have applied for bail and there is hearing in Aryan’s case on the same day. Then Arbaaz told me something that surprised me. She and Aryan are good friends and they share a lot of things. Aryan talks with Arbaaz about how long all this will last. Both the children were hoping that all this would be resolved soon. They both marvel at how long their bail is taking. I think at least Aryan hopes that his father is Shah Rukh Khan, a very popular and influential person. But neither Arbaaz nor his father have that kind of influence. We are ordinary people who have no connection. I think Arbaaz was lucky that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I think it was just destiny. But I am happy how he clings to his best friend Aryan. He has been a loyal friend, I call him yaar ka yaar.’

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Aslam Merchant also says that he has not spoken to Shah Rukh Khan or any of his family members yet, but he was impressed by the actor’s gesture of stepping out for the first time to meet his son in jail. Aslam Merchant says, “After all he is a parent and it was much needed. This was a positive step in the right direction. Shahrukh Khan’s gesture has touched people’s hearts.

Aslam Merchant also revealed that during his meeting with Arbaaz, the authorities at Arthur Road Jail had assured him that he would look after his son. He further added, ‘What he said is good but in the end Arbaaz is still a prisoner and one cannot do anything about it but feel helpless.’

Aslam Merchant - Arbaaz Merchant

Aslam Merchant – Arbaaz Merchant

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