Mukesh Khanna was furious at those who killed cows, said – no mother’s red has the courage to cut them

Call it ‘Bhishma Pitamah’ or ‘Shaktimaan’, Mukesh Khanna, who performs these highly effective characters on tv, could be very frightened about the security of the cow. Mukesh Khanna has vented his anger in opposition to cow slaughter by releasing a video.

This video of Mukesh Khanna goes viral on the web, wherein he’s seen furious at the killing of a cow and those who eat its meat. In this video, Mukesh Khanna is seen saying, ‘Are we ready for Kalki to come and save our cow mom? Will you await the mom of your loved ones, will the police come and save them or will the army come and save them?’ No, when you do not do it for them, then why is there a necessity to inform anybody that the cow is ours and your mom?’

Mukesh Khanna is additional seen saying, ‘Why cow is eaten overtly? It is exported, it’s killed… it’s harvested. Despite saying a lot, this is happening as a result of some individuals come after consuming from outdoors international locations, then they get used to it. They say that their meat is sweet, you have to be ashamed, and a few individuals do that as a result of they’ve a enterprise, they promote it overseas, then they earn lakhs and crores. needs to be closed. I may even name upon the authorities.

Mukesh Khanna additionally mentioned Bhishma Pitamah, the character of Mahabharata and said, ‘It is said that simply as the soul of Bhishma Pitamah is taken into account holy, in the identical method the soul of a cow mom can be said to be holy. If individuals don’t agree then I’ll ask the authorities to declare white cow as our nationwide animal. The lion is our nationwide animal, however it could actually defend itself, however the cow can’t.

He has additionally written a really lengthy caption of this video. He has said, ‘Should we’ve to inform that Lord Krishna lived amongst cows? They grew up consuming their milk and the butter constructed from them. We are silent even after seeing the cows being cut round us! Cow mom is being slaughtered. Their meat is being eaten, they’re being exported overseas on a big scale, with the intention of incomes cash. overtly! And we’re all silent as mute spectators! We needs to be ashamed. Even those who eat it with gusto. It needs to be stopped. And in accordance to me the solely method to do that is that the authorities ought to declare the cow as the nationwide animal. Who is a lion at this time.’

The lion can defend itself. But the cow seems to be at its devotees with sly eyes that they need to go forward and shield them. From their killers, from their eaters. But everyone seems to be busy of their life. Therefore, the authorities ought to come ahead and declare the cow as the nationwide animal, the nationwide wealth. Only then will justice be performed, by our conscience, by devotion, by religion. After that no mai ke lal may have the courage to cut them.

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