Kishore Kumar had gone bald to avoid the lead role in ‘Anand’, Gulzar revealed in his book

Poet-lyricist Gulzar has shared many attention-grabbing issues about Indian cinema legend Kishore Kumar in his new book. It has been informed in the book ‘Actually… I Met Them: A Memoir’ that Kishore Kumar, who’s in the information for his temperamental nature, went bald earlier than capturing a movie. Were. The book states that he devises varied tips to harass the producers, from going ‘fully bald’ to disappearing from a ‘secret staircase’ in the again of his cabinet to avoid enjoying the protagonist in ‘Anand’. Used to take

According to Gulzar, Kishore Kumar was initially set to star in the 1971 movie ‘Anand’ as a substitute of actor Rajesh Khanna. But just a few days earlier than the shoot, Kishore Kumar shocked everybody by going fully bald in a gathering to focus on his look in the movie. It stated, ‘We had been all shocked! Kishorada went round the workplace dancing and singing, ‘What will you do now, Rishi?’ (Director of the movie Hrishikesh Mukherjee).

Gulzar, who wrote the dialogues of Kishore Kumar’s superhit movie, wrote, ‘After this Rajesh Khanna was roped in for the role in a really brief time. Perhaps Kishore da by no means wished to play this character. The movie gained a number of awards, together with the Filmfare Award for Best Film in 1972.

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In a memoir printed by the publishing group Penguin Random House India, Gulzar wrote, “Not only the directors were the victims of these mischiefs of Kishore Kumar, but many producers were also there. In fact, one of Kishore Kumar’s favorite things was ‘to put his producers in trouble.’ He wrote that once a producer went to meet a singer-actor at his house but Kishore Kumar was in no mood to talk to him. He ‘just opened his cupboard, stepped inside and disappeared.’

Describing another incident, she wrote that Kishore Kumar stopped the recording of the song ‘Bharosa’ for a demand of tea and after a long wait, when the tea finally arrived, he proceeded to record without taking a sip. Grown up. Gulzar clarified that tea was not important to the singer. All the play was done ‘to spend the producer’s money and order tea for all the musicians and staff’. Describing the legendary singer as his “pal”, the 87-year-old writer admitted that Kishore Kumar was someone with whom you “could not be indignant or upset for too lengthy”.



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