Kangana Ranaut’s worsened again, spoke to Mamata Banerjee – thirsty for blood

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is presently within the information for extra rhetoric and objectionable statements on social media than her movies. It just isn’t hidden from anybody that Kangana Ranaut is brazenly a supporter of the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Ever because the BJP’s defeat within the West Bengal meeting elections and the Trinamool Congress victory, Kangana has posted quite a few unusual statements on social media which might be being trolled badly.
Twitter person calls Sonu Sood ‘cheater’ and ‘fraud’, Kangana Ranaut tweeted
Comparing Mamta Banerjee with Tadka
Kangana has tweeted within the morning of Tuesday 4 May 2021 wherein she has in contrast Mamata Banerjee to the demonic Tadka talked about in Hindu mythological texts. Kangana wrote in her tweet on the violence that adopted the election leads to Bengal, ‘I used to be incorrect. He just isn’t Ranaav. Ravana was a fantastic king, made the richest nation on the earth, a fantastic administrator, a realized and a wonderfully succesful king who performed the harp. But it’s a demonic mood of blood. Those who voted for them even have their palms stained with blood. ‘

Kangana Ranaut's tweet

Kangana Ranaut’s tweet

Explain that in a tweet made a day earlier, Kangana Ranaut in contrast Mamta Banerjee to Ravana for the violence in West Bengal. See, Reactions of some customers:

Users' comments on Kangana's tweet

Users’ feedback on Kangana’s tweet

Advised PM Modi to do ‘Super Gundai’
Kangna has additionally tweeted one other on which persons are elevating numerous objections. Kangana has additionally brazenly suggested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to do ‘Super Gundai’ in West Bengal. The greatest factor is that Kangana has requested Modi to present the ‘Virat Swarup’ of the 12 months 2000.

People are elevating numerous objections to this and are taking a look at it by linking it to the Gujarat riots. People say that Kangana is instantly holding Modi accountable for the Gujarat riots and inspiring violence. People have additionally spoken about suspending Kangana’s Twitter account. See, Reactions of the individuals:

Kangana is consistently making controversial statements
Let me let you know that Kangana has been repeatedly writing in opposition to Mamata Banerjee on social media because the BJP’s defeat within the Bengal elections. He credited Bangladeshi and Rohingya Muslims for Mamata Banerjee’s victory in Bengal and in contrast the state to Kashmir.
Kangana Ranaut, on the outcomes of the Bengal election, stated – Bangladeshis expressed Mamta

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