Kangana Ranaut had told the worst experience about KISS, only thinking about vomiting will come

Today sixth July is well known as International Kissing Day. Talking about KISS, many Bollywood movies are forward of Hollywood. Today individuals are remembering the kissing scenes of many such movies and actors. One such anecdote is expounded to the Controversial Queen of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut. In an interview, Kangana had stated some such issues about the kissing scene of her movie, which would depart any couple sweating.

The story is expounded to the capturing of Kangana Ranaut’s movie ‘Rangoon’, throughout which she confronted some comparable state of affairs. During the capturing, Shahid Kapoor had a chilly attributable to chilly climate and through that point Kangana and Shahid had to shoot a kissing scene.

On this kissing scene, no couple want to think about what Kangana stated in an interview. Kangana termed the incident as the largest tragedy that occurred to her throughout the capturing of ‘Rangoon’. Kangana stated, ‘Anyway, I don’t like intimate scenes in movies. Shooting them is the hardest factor to do. You have a really formal relationship with somebody and abruptly it’s important to kiss the identical individual.

Kangana has many intimate scenes with Shahid Kapoor from this movie. When requested about the kissing scene with Shahid, Kangana stated, “One, Shahid’s big mustache was so scary that seeing him, I didn’t feel like doing kissing scenes with him, but my tragedy was only there.” not over When I talked to Shahid about his mustache, he told that he applies wax on it and at the identical time his nostril was additionally working. Said- My nostril goes away in it.’ Kangana told- Despite this, I did a scene with him.

An identical query was additionally requested to Shahid in an interview. In the movie, Shahid and Kangana had been seen doing this intimate scene wrapped in mud. Responding, Shahid stated – This is a really random query. Can’t keep in mind something, I’m clean. If the scene was in mud, it was mud.

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