Iranian director refuses to marry, parents murdered pieces of dead body

A really sensational information of Iran has come out. Actually, a director (Iran Director Babak Khorramdin) has been murdered right here and the surprising factor is that the director’s parents have been murdered. After killing her son, the parents lower her dead body and threw it in a bag.

Made a movie in London
47-year-old director Babak Khorammedin, a resident of Iran, lived in London and made movies. According to the Daily Mail report, he returned to Iran to train youngsters’s movie research. At the identical time, he bought into an argument with the parents about not getting married at his dwelling and after this he murdered Babak Khorammedin.

Parents confessed against the law
Mohammed Shahriari, the top of the Tehran Criminal Court, mentioned that Babak Khorammedin’s father confessed that he first gave his son anesthesia. After this, he lower Goda and his body with knives and threw it within the bag. Babak Khorammadin’s parents have been arrested.

Director made many brief movies
Let us let you know that Babak Khorammedin obtained a Masters diploma in Cinema from the Faculty of Fine Arts University of Tehran in 2009. He then moved to London. Babak Khorammadin has made some brief movies whereas dwelling in London.

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