Boycott Radhika Apte: Strings attached to Raj Kundra, Radhika Apte’s demand for boycott raised

Radhika Apte is trending on Twitter. Radhika is just not trending (Boycott Radhika Apte) about any of her new movies or initiatives, however the motive for that is unusual. Radhika is at the moment on the goal of social media customers due to Raj Kundra. People are speaking about boycott him on Twitter and now #BoycottRadhikaApte is trending.

Let us let you know that Radhika is thought for her out-of-the-box creative movies and her critical characters. She is curious about experimenting in her character, movies and medium. Radhika, who has appeared in movies like ‘Ahilya’, ‘Clean Shaven’, ‘That Day After Everyday’, is being criticized for selling pornographic content material. People are consistently speaking about boycotting his movies. Many individuals are additionally indignant about how Radhika and different Bollywood celebrities have saved silence concerning Raj Kundra’s arrest and porn case.

This is someplace the impact of the Raj Kundra case, which is seen within the response of the folks by turning into indignant. Some Twitter customers have focused Radhika’s silence on Raj Kundra’s arrest and alleged pornography filmmaking. People are additionally speaking about boycotting this actress and movies like ‘Parched’ and ‘Hunter’. These folks, who’re seen in anger, say that Radhika works towards Indian tradition.

Recently, Radhika was additionally in dialogue about her nude clip, which was from her movie ‘Clean Shaven’. The photos turned fairly viral, due to which Radhika had mentioned, ‘I couldn’t even step out of the home for 4 days. My driver, my watchman, my stylist’s driver have been recognizing me from these photos. The controversial photos going viral have been selfies with out garments. Any smart individual would have seen her and understood that she was not me or else she would have ignored her. During this, he additionally talked about his movie ‘Parched’. He had mentioned, ‘When I had to give a daring scene within the movie Parched, I noticed that now there’s nothing left to disguise.’

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