Bodyguard Sonu lives like a shadow with Anushka Sharma, status like Shera and salary in crores

On listening to the identify of the bodyguard, the face of Salman Khan’s private bodyguard Shera involves the fore, however right this moment we’ll speak about Sonu, the private bodyguard of Anushka Sharma. Sonu isn’t as well-known as Shera (Salman Khan Bodyguard shera), however his status isn’t lower than Shera. Sonu, who takes salary in crores, lives like a shadow with Anushka on a regular basis. Sonu’s full identify is Prakash Singh, however Anushka affectionately calls him Sonu. Whenever Anushka leaves the home, Sonu is seen with her.

Sonu is at all times vigilant about Anushka Sharma’s safety and doesn’t permit the slightest mistake. It has not often occurred that Sonu isn’t seen with Anushka. Sonu is at all times seen standing behind Anushka in a grey safari swimsuit. Anushka additionally considers him as her member of the family and that is the explanation why the actress celebrates Sonu’s birthday yearly in her personal fashion.

Ever since Anushka Sharma received married. Sonu additionally offers full safety to Virat Kohli. Sonu takes full care of Virat-Anushka’s safety. Anushka Sharma’s bodyguard Sonu’s annual payment is 1.2 crores i.e. Anushka offers 10 lakh rupees each month as salary to Sonu.

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