60 years ago, Satyajit Ray was the creator of AVATAR in Hollywood, which is not known to everyone.

The one centesimal start anniversary of well-known Indian filmmaker, author, lyricist Satyajit Ray is on Sunday, May 2. On this event, we’re telling you about his Hollywood undertaking ‘The Alien’, of which Steven Spielberg picked up a big half later in one of his science fiction movies. Very few individuals learn about it. Let’s know …

In reality, in 1962, his science fiction story revealed in the journal ‘Sandesh’ for youngsters was titled Bankubabur Bandhu. The idea of ‘The Alien’ was from right here. In the mid-60s, Satyajit Ray was approached by (*60*) Wilson, knowledgeable driver from Ceylon, a buddy of the well-known science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke. Hearing the story of The Alien from Satyajit Ray, Clarke was proven the potential of the worldwide movie in it.

Son remembers the story
In 1966 Ray went to London and had a dialog with Clarke. His son Sandeep Ray remembers, ‘Baba was invited by Stanley Kubrick to watch the capturing of the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. He was very impressed with the Elstree Studio set. On returning, he wrote the story of ‘Avatar’ in English.

Columbia Pictures workplace impresses
Satyajit Ray’s Journey to Hollywood started in 1967. (*60*) Wilson accompanied him to Columbia Pictures’ workplace. Ray confirmed him a number of copies of the story. Sandeep Ray explains, ‘Baba initially had a dialog with Marlon Brando and Steve McQueen. He was impressed with the story however was fairly busy with different tasks. Then he remembered Robert Redford however he was not approached for a lot of causes.

Satyajit Ray’s variations

Peter Sellers was an ideal performer in ‘Avatar’, a Marwari businessman’s character. He was initially prepared however later moved away. There have been variations between him and Ray as the sellers wished their character modified. Sandeep Ray advised, ‘Columbia Pictures wished the title’ Avatar ‘to be modified to English, therefore its identify’ The Alien ‘. Baba was warned to avoid (*60*) Wilson, who was a suspected character.

Ray was shocked to see the similarity of his story from the second movie
Satyajit Ray sadly put ‘The Alien’ in a chilly storage. He later watched Steven Spielberg’s ‘ET: The Extra-Terrestrial’ at the 1982 Venice Film Festival and was shocked to see a similarity to The Alien’s story. He wrote to Arthur C. Clarke about this, however Clarke warned Ray that if he thought of the authorized motion, he would have to go to courtroom the entire time in the USA.

Steven Spielberg recommends Oscar
Since Satyajit Ray was additionally ailing, seeing the well being, he determined to depart ‘The Alien’. Very few individuals will know that Spielberg was one of the individuals who later really useful the Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement to Satyajit Ray.

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